In light of the global pandemic, I decided to find ways I could spread light and joy. You can find a lot of my efforts on social media because… well, we’re not allowed to leave our homes. I’ve also been writing articles for a few publications. The following was published by Middle Web. I hope it lightens your heart and helps you to spread some joy.

Kindness and Gratitude in Our Time of Crisis

Today many teachers are scrambling to figure out how to adapt their teaching methods to online instruction at the same time they are home with their own children attempting to help them navigate new ways of learning.

The world has suddenly gone a little sideways, and the abrupt necessity to create new routines and procedures is formidable.

We get mixed messages from “the experts” about what to expect from COVID-19, and many of us can’t find enough eggs or toilet paper for our families. In the midst of chaos, our bodies tend to produce more cortisol, which can send us into anxiety or depression. Our brains may be sending us messages such as, “I’m overwhelmed – I can’t do this,” or “This is horrible, and it will never be right again.”


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