I want you to know that listening to your presentation was refreshing and empowering. I admire anyone with a sense of humor, what a wonderful gift! Your knowledge and experience combined with your entertaining and moving stories renewed my commitment to my students.

You have such a beautiful gift! Love your presentation and your book is so relatable!

You are a bright light! In a time when everyone here is showing signs of the tremendous stress and responsibility before us, you gave us what we needed… Optimism, hope, and a good laugh!

I always cherish the time that you ‘shook the auditorium’ and our hearts with your motivationally relevant, rejuvenating, and resonant message.

You were so amazing yesterday. It was truly one of the very best programs we have ever had. You came and got everyone laughing. I have never heard a speaker get our members laughing so hard.

Your words of encouragement to me and our team yesterday at the conference were right on time and so much appreciated. Your energy in your keynote was so positive and uplifting. Thanks again for being who you are and for helping us feel a part of your team for that small moment in time.

As an administrator, I loved your presentation. We will be incorporating many of your points into our beginning year staff meeting…Thank you for your positivity and optimism in a world which is lacking those!

I have never enjoyed (professional development) or gained as much as I did when I saw you…You made a profound impression on me that day. I don’t know if it was your humor, your approach as a teacher rather than a speaker, or your magic tricks, but I was captivated.

Debbie was absolutely phenomenal! Her energy, presentation, and definitely humor made a lasting impact on me. I really was able to identify with everything she was speaking of.

I want to thank you for such an engaging and inspiring morning! You had my teaching team and I rolling with laughter and really identifying with so many of the topics and points you discussed.

Your visit inspired me to find that joy, confidence and drive again.

THANK YOU for making a difference for all of us and for reminding me that our sparkle is a joy! You are AMAZING! Thanks for being a light bringer and a life changer!

Typically when teachers are told that they have a mandatory presentation to attend given by one guest speaker lasting from 9-4, all we can think of is, “Where is the gasoline and who has the matches?” But you were a joy to listen to, so entertaining, passionate, genuine, and