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Dr. Debbie Silver, Ed.D.

Dr. Debbie Silver is a funny, insightful, and boldly authentic speaker, author, and educator. Her dedicated study of learning theory and growth mindset have helped her to become an empowering, world-renowned speaker and writer.

As a child this native Texan always dreamed of being a writer, a missionary, and/or a stand-up comedian. Her circuitous path landed her unexpectedly in the state of Louisiana, where she was drafted as an emergency teacher even though she had no degree and absolutely no experience in the field. She quickly fell in love with the profession and never left it. As she earned her degrees in education, she taught nearly every grade level and almost every kind of student along the way.

While teaching middle school science, Debbie was selected as Louisiana State Teacher of the Year in 1990. Part of her obligation required that she give presentations for several school districts. Demand grew, and she eventually found her way into professional speaking. After 30 years as a teacher, Dr. Silver retired and began writing books about education. Only recently did it dawn on her that her journey as a teacher helped her reach all her childhood dreams.

Currently one of the most popular keynote speakers and presenters, Debbie has been given high praise from her audiences throughout North American as well as countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. She has a proven track record of weaving insight and emotion together into unforgettable presentations.

Dr. Silver’s high-energy sessions address both the art and heart of teaching. Her extensive research background gives her keen insights into education theory and practice, while her trademark humor and candor help her connect with all those involved in education. Audiences everywhere delight in hearing this veteran educator whose presentations are described as “where learning collides with laughter.”


Debbie Silver’s mission is to remind educators of how important they are in the lives of children by highlighting both learning theory as well as tools for communication. She makes important points while sharing poignant stories and lots of laughs. She thinks that teachers who have fun and stay connected to their passion last longer in the profession and make a greater positive impact on fostering the next generation.

Debbie Silver firmly believes that teachers must work together in establishing a positive school environment to have their biggest influence in the classroom. She writes and speaks extensively about restoring optimism and joy in schools despite the incredible challenges in today’s academic settings.

Debbie admits to having highly influenced her husband Dr. Lawrence Silver into changing professions at 50-years-old to also become a teacher. Lawrence is now an endowed professor of marketing and management at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Together they live in Melissa, TX, which is about halfway between the DFW airport (for Debbie) and SOSU (for Lawrence). Together they reared 5 sons and are now blessed with 8 grandchildren (6 of whom are boys).

When she is not writing, speaking, or coaching educators, Debbie likes to follow sports. She denies her husband’s accusation that she is addicted to football but does admit that she has a “close relationship” with the NFL and NCAA football. She is also an avid fan of the Texas Rangers. However, her greatest passion is to visit or host members of her family, where she tries not to use her “teacher voice.”

I have never enjoyed (professional development) or gained as much as I did when I saw you…You made a profound impression on me that day. I don't know if it was your humor, your approach as a teacher rather than a speaker, or your magic tricks, but I was captivated.

As an administrator, I loved your presentation. We will be incorporating many of your points into our beginning year staff meeting…Thank you for your positivity and optimism in a world which is lacking those!

I want you to know that listening to your presentation was refreshing and empowering. I admire anyone with a sense of humor, what a wonderful gift! Your knowledge and experience combined with your entertaining and moving stories renewed my commitment to my students.